Porsche 919 Street
Porsche has created numerous concepts over the years, but just a handful have never been revealed to the public, that is until…now. One of these vehicles is the Porsche 919 Street. Put simply, it’s the road-going version of its Le Mans hybrid race car from 2017 that makes 900-horsepower, complete with carbon-fiber monocoque. Unlike most hypercars, this one does not have a large rear ring in the back, but it does boast a full-width LED light strip.

Bugatti Chiron Vainqueur de Coeur
Photo credit: James Edition
This is the world’s only Bugatti Chiron Vainqueur de Coeur edition, and it could be yours for a whopping $3.95-million. It was delivered late last year to its owner and showcased at the Seven Car Lounge in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Despite the listing claiming the car has never been officially driven, the odometer appears to have 374 miles.