Velozzi Hypercar Spider Web Silk
The Velozzi Hypercar is touted as the world’s first automobile to be infused with spider silk embedded in carbon fiber. That’s right, the strongest natural material on Earth will be seamlessly integrated into the car’s body and monocoque chassis.

Velozzi Hypercar Spider Web Silk
Power comes from a naturally aspirated Formula 1-derived V12 engine making at least 1,000 hp, paired with a 6-speed manual F1 transmission. Most importantly, the engine will meet the strict 2027 Euro 7 emissions standards and most likely be one of the last production V12 engines in existence. Three caveats: it will be limited to 100-units worldwide, cost at least $3-million USD, and take between 4 to 5 years for delivery.

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Velozzi Hypercar Spider Web Silk

Spider silk has high strength, elasticity, and toughness which is unmatched by most industrial fibers. Gram for gram, certain spider silk fibers can be stronger than titanium and more elastic than rubber, absorbing considerable amounts of energy before failure. This exceptionally lightweight biomaterial is an ideal replacement for, or a reinforcement to carbon fiber composites,” said Roberto Velozzi, CEO of Spidey Tek.


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