Tesla Cybertruck Production Model
Photo credit: CyberTruckOwnersClub
The Tesla Cybertruck production model is still a mystery, especially since the company removed any reference as to when pre-orders will be built. However, there may be some good news on the way, as photos of the production model have allegedly surfaced, and there are a few changes to say the least.

Tesla Cybertruck Production Model
These were uncovered by the folks over at Cybertruck Owners Club and we now see removable side mirrors, a single large front windshield wiper blade and different wheels, possibly ones from the Model 3. Unfortunately, the bed or frunk appears to also be shorter, which makes it far easier to park in a standard-sized home garage than the prototype model. You also won’t find any door handles on the production model either, but whatever the case may be, rest assured that there is going to be more changes before it rolls off the assembly line at Giga Texas.

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