World's Largest Pizza Guinness World Records
Eric Decker, better known as Airrack on YouTube, partnered with Pizza Hut to create the world’s largest pizza. To accomplish this feat, they used 13,653 pounds of dough, 4,948 pounds of sweet marinara sauce, over 8,800 pounds of cheese and approximately 630,496 regular as well as cupped pepperoni slices.

The pizza was then fully assembled, topped and then baked in separate pieces on-site using special heating elements at the Los Angeles Convention Center. What they ended up with was a 13,990-square-foot pizza that may hold the record for world’s largest for many years to come. The previous record belonged to a group of chefs in Italy who baked a 13,580-square-foot pizza named ‘Ottavia’ back in 2012.
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World's Largest Pizza Guinness World Records

Thanks to my community, 2022 was a BIG year for our channel and I promised them that we’d break this record if they helped me hit 10 million subscribers on YouTube, so here we are delivering on that promise. To make it happen, we had to team up with the most iconic – and my favorite – pizza brand to show that NO ONE OutPizzas the Hut,” said Eric Decker, also known as Airrack.


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