Compact Disc CD DVD Chair
Photo credit: Noe Cotter
Industrial designer Boris Dennler used a combination of 887 compact discs as well as DVDs to create a ‘Compact Disc Chair’ that you can actually sit on. The discs were shaped with heat and then affixed using screws, while assembly glue was used to give them the chair shape around a wooden exoskeleton.

Compact Disc CD DVD Chair
Compact Disc CD DVD Chair
After several experiments, he decided upon this fish scale-inspired design that resembles chainmail of sorts, providing a multi-colored light show when light hits it just right. Want to see it in person? You’ll have to head on over to Galila’s P.O.C in Brussels, Belgium. On a related note, did you know that at least 1-billion America Online CDs were printed with free trial software? This chair just might contain a few of them.

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair, Computer with Footrest and Lumbar Support Height Adjustable with 360°-Swivel Seat and Headrest for Office or Gaming (White)
  • Most Comfortable And Relaxing: Equipped with headrest and massage lumbar pillow. When your neck feels sore from gaming or working with head down for a long time, the headrest will relieve your fatigue. When tired from maintaining a same sitting posture, please rest assured to lean back and charge your waist pillow, it will relax your tired waist energetically.
  • More Stable Than Others: Common gaming chairs are equipped with plastic legs generally to save costs, but we still insist on applying the same material as the built-in metal frame. No fear of high or low temperature, no fear of the sunshine, no fear of wind, it will not rust and break. Whether child rolls on the chair or a pet jumps up excitedly, the sturdy metal legs will keep the chair stable firmly.
  • Liberate Your Feet: Will you feel tired for sitting all the time? Sure. Then you can choose the chair with footrest to relax your feet. When you don’t want to straighten your back and sit, just take out the footrest, put your feet up, turn on your favorite music, and start enjoying the comfort! And don’t worry about clean, it is also made of high-quality PU leather, just wipe it with a soft cloth and it will shine as new.

Compact Disc CD DVD Chair
Compact Disc CD DVD Chair

Physical hardware is gradually being replaced by the cloud, streaming, and USB keys. With the advent of MP3, the 2000s sealed the gradual disappearance of the audio cassette, then of the compact disc. Nevertheless, the vinyl record has managed to survive somehow, to currently experience a renaissance, pampered by a few aficionados,” said Dennler.


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