Max Verstappen Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer Miami
Who better to test out the all-new Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer than two-time F1 champion Max Verstappen? That’s exactly what went down ahead of the Miami GP last weekend, and lots of donuts ensued. It’s powered by a twin-turbocharged 2.2L electrified V6 INDYCAR power unit and transmission that generates 800hp, all under a 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid chassis.

Aesthetically, you’ll find lots of carbon fiber parts and a massive rear wing. Suspension wise, you’ll find NSX GT3-sourced 15-inch Brembo brakes up front and 20-inch wheels all around. There are no plans are making a production version of this one-off beast, but it will make several appearances at 2023 IndyCar events.
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The CR-V Hybrid Racer is our ‘rolling electrified laboratory’, to investigate where the talented men and women of HPD and Honda could go with electrification, hybrid technology and 100% renewable fuels. It epitomizes Honda’s fun-to-drive ethos, showcases electrification and it just rocks our car culture roots and racing heritage!,” said David Salters, president and technical director for Honda Performance Development.


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