Volocopter is known for their air taxis, but their latest project, Volodrone, won’t be carrying people a round, but rather heavy cargo, thanks to a special attachment system located underneath its body. This all-electric drone boasts 18 rotors and its air frame is built around a body to house the removable lithium-battery as well as other electronics, with a rail attachment system for various payloads to be connected up to its underbody in between the landing gear.

Similar to the VoloCity, the VoloDrone has a maximum payload of 440-pounds that it can carry for up to 25 miles, while topping out at 68 mph. It measures 9.2 m wide and 2.3 m tall, which means it’s only slightly smaller than its air taxi counterpart, but fortunately, no charging is necessary, as all you need to do is swap out the battery in 5-minutes or less.


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