Guinness World Record 54MPH C7 Corvette Reverse
Scot Burner has just set a new Guinness World Record in his C7 Corvette, but it’s not what you think. He earned the title of ‘Fastest Mile Driven in Reverse’ by smashing the previous record of 97.02-seconds and finishing in 75.18-seconds with an average speed of 45 mph as well as hitting a top speed of 54 mph.

This record was broken at NCM Motorsports Park because Burner felt that the course was ideal in relation to the standards set by Guinness. After the record setting run, Scot and the NCM team had to wait patiently for a few weeks before Guinness World Records confirmed that the run followed protocol, and the rest is history, literally.
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We worked the track backward in order to find Burner’s correct starting point to make sure that he wasn’t going downhill. Although this was a routine job, it was the first time I have watched someone break a world record,” said Dennis Smith, DDS Engineering.


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