360-Degree Infinity Pool London
Photo credit: Compass Pools
Infinity pools, one in which the water flows over one or more edges to create the visual effect of water with no boundary, are nothing new, but UK-based Compass Pools puts a new twist on them. They have proposed the world’s first 360° infinity pool that would be built atop a skyscraper in London as soon as 2020.

The 159,000-gallon pool, officially called “Infinity London”, is planned to be constructed atop a 55-story skyscraper in the middle of the city. To make it perfectly clear, the boundaries will be made from cast acrylic instead of glass and the floor of the pool will be transparent so people inside the building will be able to view the swimmers.

360-Degree Infinity Pool London
360-Degree Infinity Pool London
This unique experience wouldn’t be complete without a luxurious five-star international hotel, and that’s exactly what is going underneath the pool, with use of it being exclusive to guests. How would you get in? Apparently, there’s a spiral staircase that will rise up, but how they plan on keeping the boundaries secured is an entirely different story.


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